PB-1000 Automotive Balancer

Weight Range:
3 -1000 lbs.
Drive motor 
DC Variable Speed:
1 HP
Power Requirements:
110V 15AMP
single phase 50/60 hz, AC**
single phase AC
Min. Detectable  Unbalance:
.01 oz./in.
Length Between  Support Beams:
5 - 55 in.*
Diametral Range  Between Support  Bearings:
.5 - 41 in.
Min. Rotor Correction   Diameter:
3 in.
Max. Rotor Diameter  Beyond Bearings:
79 in.
Diameter Range at  Support Bearings:
up to 8.25in.
Drive Diameter  Capacity:
24 in.
Cradle Base Length:

5 ft.*

Shipping weight :
1400 lbs.

Buy this machine for
$325.33/mo. Through our

lease/purchase financing program


Our model PB-1000 automotive hard bearing balancer is the most versatile balancing machine on the market and is the easiest to set up and operate. Our unique belt drive system is "overhead" which means parts can be placed in and out of the balancer very quickly. This feature provides the opportunity to balance industrial items such as electric motor armatures, fans, impellers, and items from the marine and motorcycle industry like harley davidson crankshafts.

The standard machine has a maximum capacity of 1,000 pounds which is the highest capacity in the automotive marketplace. The drive system has a 1 hp dc motor with a 7/8" internal shaft, again the most heavy duty in the industry. The maximum width of part that can be balanced is 55" without using the optional 5' base extension. The machine comes standard with roller bearings (competitors charge a lot extra for this feature) and ertalyte v-block inserts for holding the part while spinning.

Other features include 50 memories for saving part dimensions, self diagnostics, self calibration, printer port and digital filtering system for accurate variable speed control.

Pro-bal offers the largest selection of balancing accessories to provide you the opportunity of maximizing the real profit potential associated with balancing parts.

This machine is manufactured with standard digital electronics. Enhanced digital electronics are also available.

*- extra lengths available

**- 220V single phase also available


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